Why does the glass bottle burst when poured with boiling water
Release time:2024-02-22 09:47:29

The glass bottle will burst when poured with boiling water. In fact, the heated part of the glass bottle will expand due to heat expansion and cold contraction, while the cold part will remain unchanged. Moreover, the texture of the glass bottle is relatively brittle, so the heating of the glass bottle is uneven, which will cause the glass bottle to be unable to withstand the expansion of the heated part and crack, or explode.

How can we prevent such a situation? You should know that the test tube should be preheated before heating? In fact, it is to maintain a certain temperature at each part of the bottom of the glass test tube, and then heat it at the lower part, so that there will be no danger. What if there is no preheating? Like a glass bottle, the heated part will expand, while the other parts will be cold, so there will be a risk of explosion.

The principle of boiling the glass bottle in boiling water for 10 minutes is similar, that is to make the whole glass bottle have a certain high temperature, and then pour hot water into the glass bottle at this time. For the glass bottle, when the internal temperature and the external temperature are similar, there will be no danger.