The Historical Origins of Glass
Release time:2024-02-21 13:30:17

Glass, known as flowing glass or glazed glass by ancient people, is actually a colored semi transparent mineral. Tea sets made of this material can give people a sense of bright color and radiance. Although China's glass making technology started early, it was not until the Tang Dynasty that with the increasing cultural exchange between China and foreign countries and the continuous introduction of Western glassware, China began to fire glass tea sets. The plain faced round footed light yellow glazed tea cups and plain faced light yellow glazed tea trays, enshrined by Emperor Xizong of Tang Dynasty, unearthed from the underground palace of Fufengmen Temple in Shaanxi Province, are authentic Chinese glazed tea sets. Although they have primitive shapes, simple decorations, mixed textures, and low transparency, they indicate that Chinese glazed tea sets had already begun in the Tang Dynasty and were considered precious at that time. During the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Zhen wrote a poem praising glass, saying that it was "colored like cold ice, with nothing separated by fine dust. Like a feast that cannot be seen, it can be compared to a jade figure.". No wonder during the Tang Dynasty, when worshipping the relics of the Buddha bones in the Famen Temple Pagoda, glass tea sets were also included in the offerings. During the Song Dynasty, China's unique high lead glazed utensils were successively introduced.

During the Yuan and Ming dynasties, large-scale glass workshops emerged in Shandong, Xinjiang, and other places. During the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty, a palace glass factory was also established in Beijing. However, from the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, although glass components were produced and were of high value, most of them focused on producing glass art pieces, with only a small amount of tea set products. The production of glass tea sets did not form a scale, and brewing tea was an art form. Tea sets were also quite exquisite. A cup or pot of fresh and fragrant tea, paired with elegant and exquisite tea utensils, can enhance the taste of drinking tea. The tea set family can be described as having a wide variety and a dazzling array. What is the best tea set to choose? Overall, ceramic tea sets are the best, followed by glass tea sets, poor enamel, and plastic insulated cups are the worst.