Factors affecting the formation of wine glass bottles
Release time:2024-03-01 09:12:23

We all know that wine glass bottles have high requirements for production. A slight defect will affect the quality and beauty, thus affecting sales. So wine glass bottle manufacturers will consider many factors when producing wine bottles, such as what factors cause or damage the uneven finish of the bottle body, propose solutions according to the problems, and can make good products to give back to customers, So what are the adverse factors for the production and molding quality of wine glass bottles? Now let's learn together.

1. when the glass blank falls into the primary mold, it cannot enter the primary mold accurately, and the friction with the mold wall is too large, forming wrinkles. After positive air blowing, the wrinkles spread and enlarge, forming wrinkles on the glass bottle body.

2. the scissors mark of the upper feeder is too large, and the scissors scar appears on the bottle body after the molding of individual glass bottles.

3. the glass bottle has poor initial mold and molding material, insufficient density, too fast oxidation after high temperature, forming fine pits on the surface of the mold, resulting in the surface of the glass bottle is not smooth after molding.

4. the poor quality of glass bottle mold oil will make the mold lubrication insufficient, reduce the dropping speed of lubricating oil, and change the material type too fast. The design of the initial mold is unreasonable, and the mold cavity is large or small. After the material drips into the forming mold, it is blowing up and spreading unevenly, which will cause spots on the glass bottle body.

5. the dropping speed of the machine is uneven, and the improper adjustment of the air nozzle will make the initial mold and molding temperature of the glass bottle inconsistent, which is easy to create cold spots on the glass bottle body, directly affecting the finish.

6. unclean glass slurry or uneven material temperature in the kiln will also cause bubbles, small particles and small hemp billets in the produced glass bottles. If the machine speed is too fast or slow, the glass bottle body will be uneven, and the thickness of the bottle wall will be different, resulting in mottling.